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Music composition and production have been my most important hobbies since a long time (see history). Recently, I've involved in producing stock music sold on royalty-free basis. In long term, I'm also going to work on my previously planned albums as well, but at the moment, creating a stock music library is the priority. For this reason, my most recent music tracks can be found on AudioJungle as royalty-free tracks.

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Royalty Free Music
Available on AudioJungle

Following royalty free music tracks are available in my AudioJungle profile. I'm going to create a stock music library that will include a high quality music for presentations, videos and background music for websites. By the way please notice, that "royalty free music" doesn't mean the same as "free music" - please refer to for a detailed definition.

Simple Piano Delight   Simple Piano Delight  
Category: Corporate
Created: 2014-10-12
Corporate Background   Corporate Background  
Category: Corporate
Created: 2014-03-01
Bold Sound of Success   Bold Sound of Success  
Category: Corporate
Created: 2014-07-24
Best Day Ever   Best Day Ever  
Formerly known as Business Solution
Category: Corporate
Created: 2013-03-15
A Joyful Day   A Joyful Day  
Very bright and joyful corporate music track with an optimistic, uplifting feeling. The track is based on simple and catchy piano themes, performed on piano layered with electric piano and synth sounds.
Category: Corporate
Created: 2012-02-08
Successful Business Background   Successful Business Background  
The music is based on several simple piano themes, spreading a feel of joy and success. In the background, you can hear rhytm guitars, piano chords and synth pads.
Category: Corporate
Created: 2012-02-15
more royalty free tracks...

Free music tracks
Free music tracks available on SoundCloud

Recently, I started creating free music tracks section. These tracks can be legally downloaded and used in own non-commercial productions, like for example YouTube videos.

These tracks are available on SoundCloud inside Freebies set.

Anybody using these tracks is asked for linking to this page in order to support their creation by advertising my commercial royalty-free tracks.

Formerly Planned Albums
Final Journey, Electronic Dreams

Final Journey is the album I'm still going to develop in future, its style is a fantasy inspired electronic music with ambitions to became 'synthesizer with an orchestra' style.

Electronic Dreams was an album between electronic music and dance, its contents changed a lot between editions. Currently it's most probably discontinued, and some of its contents will be reused in my stock music portfolio.

Final Journey   Final Journey   The album Final Journey is based on medievalistic and fantasy inspirations. It tells a story about unusual journey into the land which only our imagination can create. First compilation in 2001
Electronic Dreams   Electronic Dreams   Electronic Dreams is a bit of electronic music and a bit of dance. The first compilation of this album has been made in 1998, the last one - in 2005

MIDI Project Studio

All music recordings were produced in home MIDI Project Studio. As a sequencer, there is Amiga 1200 with Motorola 68030 50MHz, 32MB RAM and 4GB SD HD. Amiga controls the sound modules through MOTU Time Piece II interface, which is capable of splitting the signal from a single MIDI port to multiple devices. The devices include my old Casio CTK-750 and CT-670, and new Alesis DM5 and QSR and E-MU Vintage Keys Plus.

Music recording is based on PC Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz 2GB RAM 160GB HD with ESi Juli@ soundcard, through a small analog mixer. I'm planning to purchase a new mixer and some external effects, including Lexicon reverbs in particular.

From ZX Spectrum to homerecording

It was about 1991 when my dream about electronic music creation begun. The only equipment I had these times was an old ZX Spectrum, with AY sound chip with three voice polyphony and no musical knowledge at all, except of my experience in listening to it. I bought my first music editor and started creating.

In 1993 I changed equipment to Amiga 500, with which I've created many compositions, then in 1998 to Amiga 1200, which heavily upgraded version is being used by me until present. In these times I also started collecting more equipment like Casio keyboards or simple delay effects. With this new equipment, I was trying to upgrade the arrangements of my older compositions to use new sound abilities - sometimes it worked out, sometimes didn't.

In following years, several editions of a planned album Electronic Dreams have been created, so has the first edition of a planned album Final Journey. Later, I've been working with compositions for second edition of this album, and I was thinking about other future album projects.

After 2008, I started to enhance my equipment with Alesis and E-MU modules. I've been experimenting both with new compositions and with new arrangements for earlier ones. In 2011, I also started creating some simple compositions for commercial use, and publishing them on AudioJungle on royalty-free basis. On the occasion, the old project of my planned album Electronic Dreams has been suspended, and some compositions from that album, in new arrangement, will be used on AudioJungle. The other album project, Final Journey, will have its second edition eventually, taking advantage of the new equipment and containing much extended versions of the original compositions.

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